Dear Kiki: How do I talk to my boyfriend about pegging?

Dear Kiki

Questions about love and sex in the city of Iowa City can be sent to Questions may be edited for clarity and length, and may appear either in print or online. Dear Kiki, How do I talk my boyfriend into trying pegging? Our relationship so far has been “heteronormative,” if you will. Signed, Persuasive […]

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Dear Kiki: Your guide to rocking a sex-positive Halloween costume without freezing off your jibbly bits

Dear Kiki, I want to have a super sex-positive Halloween, but October is cold in Iowa City and skimpier costumes make me worry about frost-bitten labia. Can you help me think of a hot costume that’ll keep me warm? Signed, Chilly Dear Kittycat, I have some thoughts, fragments arising from the depths. First, consider the […]

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