What is Little Village?

Little Village is a monthly news and culture magazine, distributed free, covering Iowa from a refreshing perspective. With offices in Iowa City and Des Moines, LV produces two distinct monthly print editions to serve the Eastern and Central Iowa areas. Our staff and freelancers are deeply connected to their communities, and we publish stories from hundreds of surprising voices each year, from underrepresented and unexpected points of view. Our editorial focus is the news, culture and events of Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls/Waterloo, the Quad Cities area, the Des Moines area, Ames and Iowa at large.

Since 2001, Little Village has pursued a mission to create visibility for the communities, businesses and events that define Eastern and Central Iowa. Through multimedia journalism, essays and events, Little Village contributes to economic and social progress by fostering and pronouncing a meaningful, inclusive cultural identity for the area and providing readers with the tools needed to navigate and engage with government and culture across the region.

Little Village favors the small and local, champions the sustainable, yet believes in considering more than one side of an issue. The voices here reflect a state that is complex, often contradictory, and always extraordinary. In Little Village, you’ll find some of the best writing, photography and artwork anywhere. We are committed to giving our readers a great experience. More than anything, we strive to listen to the people of Iowa and make Little Village their magazine.

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Little Village
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Publications and Programs

Little Village Magazine

Monthly news and culture magazine (released the first week of each month)

Rec’d Magazine

Annual recreation guide (June release)

Bread & Butter Magazine

Annual dining guide (August release)

Give Guide

Annual retail and nonprofit spotlight & philanthropic program (November release)

Best of the CRANDIC

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City awards program (December release)

Witching Hour Festival

Event series co-produced with The Englert Theatre (view festival site)

Music U

Music industry educational program presented by Greater Des Moines Music Coalition and sponsored by Little Village.

Vino Verite

Film event series presented by FilmScene and sponsored by Little Village and Bread Garden Market

Gross Domestic Product

Event series co-presented with the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition

Core Values

Through journalism, essays and events, we work to improve our community according to a few core values:

  • Affordability and access
  • Economic and labor justice
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Racial justice
  • Gender equity
  • Multiculturalism
  • Quality healthcare
  • Quality education
  • Critical culture

Letters to the Editor

Little Village regularly publishes letters to the editor(s) both online and in print, and submissions are always welcome. We reserve the right to fact check and edit for length and clarity. Please send your letters, comments or corrections to Editor@LittleVillageMag.com.

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Ad & Design Services

Little Village (and its creative agency, Little Village Creative Services) offers targeted advertising campaigns, a ticketing service, content and event sponsorships, mobile website design, custom publication and menu design, logos, photography, video and editing services. Request information at Ads@LittleVillageMag.com.

Little Village Tickets

If you run a venue, or are thinking of throwing an event, Little Village wants to be your partner. We’re local, our fees are very low (free for event organizers, low service charges for ticket purchasers) and fully customizable for concerts, festivals, races, pop-up dinners, or any event, large or small. Start selling tickets.

Non-profit Sponsorships

Little Village donates 10 percent of its ad space in each issue to area nonprofits. To request sponsorship, contact: LV@LittleVillageMag.com

Witching Hour Festival

Co-produced by Little Village and the Englert Theatre, Witching Hour is a two-day festival that takes place in Downtown Iowa City each fall, dedicated to exploring the unknown, discussing the creative process, and presenting new work.

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Ownership and Funding

Little Village is a registered S Corporation in the state of Iowa. Matthew Steele, a graduate of the University of Iowa who grew up in Des Moines, has been owner and president of the corporation since 2010. Funding for Little Village's coverage comes from advertising sales, community donations and LV's in-house marketing agency, Little Village Creative Services.

Little Village Staff

Matthew Steele

President, Little Village, LLC

Genevieve Trainor

Publisher, Arts Editor

Drew Bulman

Digital Director

Jordan Sellergren

Art Director

Emma McClatchey

Managing Editor

Jason Smith

Visual Reporter, Videographer

Paul Brennan

News Director

Malcolm MacDougall

Marketing and Analytics Coordinator

Sid Peterson

Events Editor, Design Assistant

Adria Carpenter

Multimedia Journalist

Joseph Servey

Distribution Manager

Courtney Guein

Staff Writer

Lily DeTaeye

Staff Writer

Kim Bates

Social Media Manager

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Little Village HQ
623 S Dubuque St.
Iowa City, IA 52240
Call: 319-855-1474

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