I like that it covers local news and things of interest. I find out more about things going on in town from Little Village. Especially things I have seen advertised on social media, but not with a lot of information. Having a reliable source for information is great. — Jamie Engeman-Evans

I find myself reading Little Village Magazine way more than [redacted]. Little Village is also the only mass email I actually read. A great supporter of local small business and a great asset to the Iowa City area. I hope to see it around for years to come. — Blake Hendrickson

Little Village is my favorite publication to read! I don’t even live in Iowa City anymore but still thoroughly enjoy the news and articles they post. It always reminds me how much I miss that wonderful city!! — Margaret Mary

I am a huge fan of Little Village. It fills a huge gap in cultural, political and local coverage. — Anne Duggan

I love the breadth and diversity of Little Village’s articles! Fantastic local publication and wonderful supporters of the community. — Elizabeth Reetz

I love this publication! I’ve been reading it since it first came out. There is NO BETTER source for local events and community issues that are important to Iowa City natives, like myself. — Jon Lonngren

It says it’s little, but it’s really a big deal. And it takes a Village like this one to keep us informed, entertained, inspired. Little Village, you are a Big Universe of importance to so many! — Forrest Meyer

Love your dining guide! We are new to town and can’t wait to try so many places. Typically the dining guides I have seen in other cities are so generic they aren’t worth much more than a directory of advertisers but yours is clearly researched with a lot of interesting detail. Thank you! — Mary Paoli

An indispensable source for arts & culture coverage and reliable, independent local journalism. — Andrew Sherburne

I’m biased, but aren’t we all? I love that our small city supports independent writing and arts publishing. — Melody D

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