Dear Kiki: Can a well-endowed man pass out from getting an erection?

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Dear Kiki

Dear Kiki,

My husband and I were discussing dick size the other night. I asked if he’d ever measured his size. He said, “Probably; who wouldn’t? All I know, though, is at least it’s not so big I pass out.” “What?” I exclaimed. “Yep, some dudes dicks are so big the blood rush makes them pass out.” I am convinced this is an urban myth. Thought you would be more fun to ask than Google!

Love, Cock Curious

Dear Curious,

Well, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before if it is, in fact, possible. So, I asked Google, but only after I did some very unscientific speculation because that is what makes me fun!

My experience with my own blood pressure makes me think it can happen. Although I do not have a penis, I have had blood rush to and from areas of my body causing me to pass out or get incredibly dizzy. Let me share with you a personal story. After having my second baby, I started noticing that my heart would palpitate while having a bowel movement. I’d feel dizzy and think I was dying. Thankfully, I see my doctor regularly, and I feel comfortable sharing anything with her even when I’m being a complete hypochondriac, which I figured was the case. However, she assured me it could sometimes happen for multiple reasons. One reason is anxiety (with which I am of course diagnosed, so there’s that) and another is that when pooping, there are changes in blood flow, which can cause changes in heart rate. Whew. I probably wasn’t going to pull an Elvis on the toilet anytime soon.

I imagine when a man is getting aroused and his heart is beating fast, his breathing quick and anxious, that blood engorgement during an erection could be quite a rush. According to the Sex M.D., “You almost never find a penis so large that a man would pass out when erect. That would require about a liter of blood to be displaced by his erection alone, and his body would already have accommodated over time by maintaining a larger than average blood volume.” I would assume that strict mathematical equation works on a perfect control subject, but add in potential dehydration, anxiety, low blood sugar or a medical condition such as a bent or curved penis, and yep, if you have to support a large boner, it might take a toll every now and again.

Now, if this is happening all the time, whether you have a penis or not, please see a physician. My speculations are just for fun.

–xoxo, Kiki

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 228.

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