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Iowa City students, now living in a state where gun reform is virtually impossible, reflect on psychological toll of mass shootings

Despite bitterly cold winds, more than 50 students from Iowa City schools gathered at the Old Capitol on the Pentacrest at noon on Thursday to protest against gun violence and demand new gun safety laws. The protest was organized by […]

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Watch: Studio Visit w/ Claudia McGehee

Claudia McHargue McGehee's scratchboard illustrations for children's books, business logos, Java House cups and other freelance projects have garnered buzz. But the Iowa City artist's ultimate goal is to reflect the beauty—and vulnerability—of the environment through her work. "I think it's important that artists are also activists as well," she said. "You get more flies with honey than vinegar. Seeing a beautiful illustration of an indigo bunting is going to make you want to care about that bunting."

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