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City of Cedar Rapids paid $619,000 to defend former officer Lucas Jones »

The City of Cedar Rapids paid $619,000 to defend former Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones against the civil lawsuit filed by Jerime Mitchell and his wife Bracken, the Associated Press reported on Thursday. The city incurred $688,000 in legal expenses during the lawsuit, including the $619,000 paid to Lynch Dallas law firm that represented […]

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Watch: Behind the scenes of No Touching

Now in its second season, the No Touching Sessions, a “pandemic project” of friends Crystal Sherman and Dan Miller, uses the stage at Gabe’s to create a virtual concert experience — “keeping the flame lit,” according to Miller, “even if it’s dim right now.”

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Dear Kiki: So you’re thinking of popping your lockdown bubble

Kiki gets it. Spring has sprung after a long, lonely winter and you, reader, are tired and antsy. You’re vaxxed and ready to show the world your shine. But you’re also confused! You feel like someone with anxiety who just dropped a dose of ecstasy: truly desperate to interact but lacking the necessary skills. Rest […]

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The Takeaway: Marquee Pizzeria’s sweet and spicy pie is my new vice

I have heard it said that pizza is like sex: even when it’s bad, it’s good and when it’s good, it’s amazing. I tend to agree. I’ve had slices from school cafeterias, gas stations, bars, food trucks, mall food courts and upscale pizzerias — and I’d eat every one of them again. Pizza is never […]

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The miraculous hard work of blooming where planted: Tending the garden of Iowa music

Tonight, it feels like New York in Elray’s. Maybe it’s the absence of live music for so long? Or maybe it’s the unexpected blend of looping pedal, expansive jazz bass lines and heartfelt covers converging into what is Blake Shaw’s new pandemic-constructed solo show? Certainly, there is something magical about the great sound system and […]

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City of Cedar Rapids paid $619,000 to defend former officer Lucas Jones

The City of Cedar Rapids paid $619,000 to defend former Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones against the civil lawsuit filed by Jerime Mitchell and his wife Bracken, the Associated Press reported on Thursday. The city incurred $688,000 in legal expenses during the lawsuit, including the $619,000 paid to Lynch Dallas law firm that represented […]

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Iowa’s only magic shop is in downtown Marion

A wizarding world awaits Iowans in downtown Marion. At the Iowa Magic Shop, owned by professional magician Tim Stolba and his wife Sue, the display cases and racks are packed floor to ceiling with magical paraphernalia. There are exotic-looking boxes, feather flower bouquets, crystals and crystal balls, beautiful three-dimensional puzzles, illusions, metaphysical supplies, magic books […]

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Letter to the editor: Brock About Town’s half apology and other thoughts

By Chad Cooper, Cedar Rapids No one designated me the patron saint of defending Cedar Rapids, but I have spent enough time and editorial space critiquing my hometown over the years, so I’ll change pace. Some folks run for city council. I write letters. I feel compelled (once again) to respond to Audrey Brock’s recent […]

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Linn County mayors urge residents to vote ‘yes’ to extending local option sales tax

Linn County mayors and other officials are asking voters to extend the local option sales tax used to fund street repair and construction, in addition to other infrastructure projects. Voters in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Robins and Fairfax should expect to see the referendum on the ballot this November. A majority of residents in the […]

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Weekender, May 6: A foraging walk with the Coralville Community Food Pantry, the Corridor Jazz Project’s student concert, FilmScene in the Park

THE WEEKENDER Your weekly editor-curated arts compendium Explore Motown, jazz, eco-art, contemporary ballet and more with this weekend’s selection of the finest events from local venues and artists! If you know of an upcoming virtual, outdoor or otherwise safely distanced event that you’d like to see in the Weekender, email to tell us about […]

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Letter to the editor: Will the 15-minute city make Iowa City golden in 2021?

By Bob Oppliger, Education & Advocacy Coordinator, Bicyclists of Iowa City; Board Member, League of American Bicyclists In March, as part of its Science on Screen program, FilmScene aired a documentary, Bikes vs Cars. The film documents the escalating problem for major urban areas like São Paulo, Brazil; Paris, France; and Los Angeles brought on […]

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Astrology forecast: May 2021

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Taurus poet Vera Pavlova writes, “Why is the word yes so brief? It should be the longest, the hardest, so that you could not decide in an instant to say it, so that upon reflection you could stop in the middle of saying it.” I suppose it makes sense for her […]

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Cortado: ¡Por favor, pongan cumbia!

Y cuando llegué al trabajo ví a la Maritza bailando la cumbia sampuesana de Aniceto Molina. «La cumbia sampuesana, la que bailan con ganas», se escuchaba por el parlante de la cocina del restaurante. El sonido del acordeón de Aniceto Molina era electrificante, contagioso, rebosante. Maritza daba pasos pequeños, movía lentamente las caderas, y luego […]

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Cedar Rapids bike share program is returning on Friday, with a new addition to the fleet coming later this month

The Cedar Rapids bike share program is returning this year with electric scooters, electric-assist bikes and a new addition to the fleet. The bikes and scooters are expected to begin arriving by Friday, according to a news release. A few weeks after that, about 100 sit-down scooters will be added as a new option to […]

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the editor: A thank-you to teachers from the ICCSD Parents Organization

Submitted by Alyssa Palante on behalf of the ICCSD Districtwide Parents Organization In recognition of National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-7), the Iowa City Community School District DPO (Districtwide Parents’ Organization) would like to thank each and every one of the amazing teachers, teacher librarians and other district and Grant Wood AEA employees who work […]

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Letter to the editor: Post-pandemic, Iowa City risks corporate takeover

By Mallory Hellman, Iowa City I’ve lived in Iowa City for just over a decade. Like so many of us, I came here for grad school and never left. Also like many of us, I’ve spent these final gasps of pandemic-altered life privately harboring serious concern about what our beloved city will look like once […]

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Letter to the editor: Rep. Miller-Meeks isn’t fighting for the American Dream

By Ellen Ballas, Iowa City Second-District Republican Marianette Miller-Meeks voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 7), an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 that created a minimum wage under FDR. The Paycheck Fairness Act “addresses wage discrimination on the basis of sex,…”. Specifically, it limits an employer’s defense that a pay […]

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Letter to the editor: The state’s “Back the Blue” bills will make us less free and less safe

By Christina Bohannan, State Rep. House District 85, University of Iowa law professor; and Janice Weiner, Iowa City Councilor In response to racial justice protests last summer, Republicans in the Iowa Legislature have introduced bills that ramp up penalties on protest activity and limit local government discretion in dealing with protests and public safety issues. […]

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