Little Village magazine issue 280: Mar. 4-17, 2020

Read issue 280 » Before settling in Iowa City, Shubham and Akrit were targets of Narendra Modi’s anti-protester government in India. Denied visas, they set out on a harrowing 10-month journey through Latin America in search of safety. When they reached the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, they climbed. Also in this issue of Little […]

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Little Village magazine issue 278: Feb. 5-18, 2020

Read issue 278 » We heard sex sells, so — flip back the cover and enjoy Little Village’s sex issue, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Get to know Iowa’s leather-clad kink community, from BDSM safety workshops to the allure of fem-dom fantasies. A certified intimacy choreographer discusses how she establishes consent and stages chemistry […]

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Little Village magazine issue 270: Sept. 4-17, 2019

Dig into Little Village issue 270. Would banning pet stores cut off the cash flow to puppy mills, or are animal welfare advocates barking up the wrong tree? The adopt-or-shop debate continues in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Plus: Urban Bush Women, a dance company celebrating the power and beauty of black women(+), will hold performances […]

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