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$100/month: 1/12 page ad, 1x/month + 2,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$200/month: 1/6 page ad, 1x/month + 3,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$300/month: 1/4 page ad, 1x/month + 5,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$400/month: 1/3 page ad, 1x/month + 6,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$500/month: 1/2 page ad, 1x/month + 7,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$600/month: 2/3 page ad, 1x/month + 8,500 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com
$700/month: Full page ad, 1x/month + 10,000 web ad views on littlevillagemag.com

Readership and demographic information:

Print Readership: 25,000-40,000 per issue
60% Iowa City area/lower Corridor
30% Cedar Rapids/Marion
10% Cedar Falls/Waterloo

LittleVillageMag.com Readership:
200,000 monthly article views
74,000 unique monthly visitors

Median Age: 37
Age 25-34: 26% of readers
Age 35-44: 22% of readers
Age 45-54: 17% of readers
Age 55-64: 14% of readers
Age 65+: 10% of readers
Age 18-24: 9% of readers

Median Personal Income: $55k
26%: $40k-60k
18%: $60k-80k
17%: $100k+
17%: $20k-40k
12%: <$20k 11%: $80k-$100k

Masters: 34%
Bachelors: 31%
Ph.D: 18%
Some college: 9%
Associates: 7%

Average Number of Children: 1.85

63% female
34% male
3% non-binary/other gender identity

Average Number of Years Living in Eastern Iowa: 28

Content our readers say they read the most:

#1: Community News
#2: Arts Features
#3: Events Calendar
#4: Food & Drink
#5: Letters to the Editor

Topics our readers say they’re most passionate about:

#1: Environmental Sustainability
#2: Quality Healthcare
#3: Quality Education
#4: Racial Justice
#5: Gender Equity

“Alternative Newsweekly Influentials consume and recommend cultural activities at a much greater rate than the general public or Influentials as a whole.”

— Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Advertiser feedback:

“Best advertising I’ve ever done.”
— Dave Owens, Mad Modern

“Little Village helped us reach younger customers and secure our business’s future.”
— Evan Evans, Whitedog Auto

Reader Comments:

“I am so grateful for Little Village in print and on social media! It enriches Iowa City, summarizes why this is a great place to live, and is clearly community-focused.”

“I am not paying for a [redacted] subscription and don’t watch local TV news, so this is my main source of information locally.”

“Great articles, great pulse on the community, interesting and thought provoking writing. I prefer it over our local newspaper.”

“I really appreciate the vision and mission of Little Village. Print media is clearly a dying species and it’s increasingly difficult to fight for its relevance in a digital age but it IS relevant and kudos to all of you for adapting in ways that keep it alive. Thank you. My favorite aspect of LV is the focus on community engagement and involvement. It serves as a hub for local voices to gather and engage in community discussion while also highlighting ways to get involved in civic engagement in a comprehensive, easy to locate source. I like to think of it as our little slice of acropolis.”

“LV has positioned itself as the most reliable and quickest to the headline news outlet in our area. Really thoughtful writers, great editing, awesome artwork. This is what a locally made, globally minded news mag should be!”

“Covers I want to have on my coffee table, yay!”

“I really enjoy the broad community input and the bilingual stories recently featured from local Hispanic writers.”

“Editorial stance is spot on!”

“Picking up Little Village in print is my favorite Cedar Rapids/Iowa City ritual.”

“I love the wide range of subject matter in each issue. Always engaging.”

“I really enjoy the fact that LV is printed–the excitement of finding a new issue out and about cannot be overstated.”

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