Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward — Dunwich Piano Recital

Samuel Locke Ward Dunwich Piano Recital Samuel Locke Ward hasn’t had an album reviewed in Little Village in over a year. Given that he released 12 full-length albums in 2014, it may be reviewer exhaustion to blame. But if we’re going to end this critical shutout, Dunwich Piano Recital is a great place to […]

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Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward – In Case You Have Doubt

Sam Locke Ward

Iowa City’s under-employed over-achiever Sam Locke Ward is back with the 6th installment of his year-long “album a month” project, proving once again that he must not sleep in order to have the time to be this prolific. This latest album highlights his obsession with R Stevie Moore and The Beach Boys, not as imitation but as homage. Sam’s songwriting process is akin to what happens to obsessive Twitterers and Facebookers: If you write all the time, you increase in fluency and shorten the distance between the ideas in your head and their manifestations in the real world. […]

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Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward – Panther Puss

Panther Puss

For his second in a year-long series of monthly releases, Samuel Locke Ward has dipped back into more familiar territory. After the top-40-skewering electro-pop on his January release, 7 AM New Year’s Day, Locke Ward leans heavily on his trusty acoustic guitar and Casio keyboard for a 16-song collection of weirdo pop-ditties on Panther Puss. […]

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Album Review: Iowa City Song Project

Iowa City Song Project   As a teenager hungry for a scene larger than the veritable cultural island of Bellevue, IA, at night I would arrange and rearrange my radio antenna to try to capture KUNI to get a glimpse of the world of music around me, which included bands from Iowa City. It […]

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Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward – Double Nightmare

Samuel Locke Ward Double Nightmare I was introduced to the insanity of “Big Lizard In My Backyard” by The Dead Milkmen sometime in the 80’s. The irreverent, usually scatological humor and unpolished performances on the album seemed to have dislodged the chromosome that would have prevented me from being able to enjoy the hometaping […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 11-14

Welcome to this fresh edition of the Weekender. With the exception of Thursday night’s Alloy Orchestra show at the Englert, everything is local this week. With a couple of eerie film screenings and a new Samuel Locke Ward release called Double Nightmare, the season of spookiness is officially upon us. Hold on tight. THURSDAY Alloy […]

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