Where and how to vote early, and what has changed since Gov. Reynolds signed new voting restrictions into law

Early voting for the Nov. 2 election began on Wednesday, as county auditors started mailing out absentee ballots requested by voters, and opened their offices for in-person early voting. This is the first election since Gov. Kim Reynolds signed new restrictions on voting into law in March. Iowa was one of 19 Republican-controlled states to […]

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The map whisperer: A conversation with Cory McCartan, winner of the 2021 Iowa redistricting challenge

Every 10 years, the political commentator Dave Wasserman holds an “Iowa redistricting challenge.” The goal of the challenge is to use new census data to draw a congressional map of Iowa distributing the population as equally as possible into districts. This year, the challenge was won by Cory McCartan, a Grinnell College graduate currently pursuing […]

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