Bob Log III returns to the Mill this Thursday for a one-man Delta blues dance party

Bob Log III
Bob Log III is a strange guy, but that’s kind of his shtick. — photo by Craig Ferguson

Bob Log III w/ Samuel Locke Ward and the Garbage Boys

The Mill — Thursday, Aug. 28 at 9 p.m. ($10-$12)

Bob Log III returns to The Mill to bring his skronked-out Delta blues dance party this Thursday. Iowa City’s most prolific son, Samuel Locke-Ward, will be playing with his backing band the Garbage Boys, making for a full night of music that’s as weird as it is fun.

Bob Log III is the one-man band to end all one-man bands. On stage, he plays slide guitar and a kick drum while wearing a motorcycle helmet wired to a telephone receiver. Throw in a full-body human cannonball suit and some crowd participation, and you’ve got the kind of rowdy spectacle rock and roll was made for.

Due largely to his anonymity (he does wear a tinted motorcycle helmet on stage, after all), Bob Log III’s mythos looms large over his career. His first album on Fat Possum, 1998’s School Bus, was accompanied by a press release that claimed the musician had a monkey paw for his left hand, which allowed him to play faster than a normal human. Of course, this was intended as a joke by Fat Possum, but the story has stuck, and Bob Log III continues to field questions in interviews about his alleged monkey paw.

Mythos and spectacle aside, at the end of the day, Bob Log III is simply a tireless performer, regularly touring for more than two-thirds of the year. As such, his live show is too good to miss. Catch him at The Mill this Thursday at 9 p.m. Tickets are $12 at the door, $10 in advance.

Photo by Craig Ferguson
Photo by Craig Ferguson

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