Letter to the editor: Let’s retire the $5 show

I think it is time for every venue in the area and every band to revalue themselves. Do what you want, certainly—I sure don’t want people telling me what to do. That said, I do take advice. Is a goal of $10 shows by 2020 too lofty? Would suggesting that all shows from here on out charge a $7 base price seem ridiculous? If so, ask yourself, do you really support music and the arts? Certainly some do not, but they were not coming out at any price. […]

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Letter to the editor: The magic of Codfish Hollow

All that is majestic about music and the Midwest is manifested in an unassuming barn in Maquoketa. You’ll find it off 288th Avenue, along Codfish Hollow Road. A wooden sign will guide the way. Watch where you step in the cow pasture parking lot. Choose whether to walk the gravel path or ride on a tractor-drawn hayrack driven by a man named Marvin. Arrive early and secure a coveted hay-bale spot along the wall and near the stage (like my girlfriend and I always do). Then spend the next few hours getting lost in music. […]

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Letter to the editor: Vote Anne Freerks for Iowa City Council

In my 20-plus years working in local government, I learned that there are certain attributes you want in a city councilor. Someone on the council needs to have a vision for the future of the city. A councilor should be someone who is always prepared to address an issue by studying the material they are given and listening to information and opinions that are presented to them. Someone who will ask questions and ensure there is an answer. Someone who has an open mind. Someone who is thoughtful. Someone who will make a decision based on their sense of what is in the best interest of the larger community.


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Letter to the editor: No excuses, Iowa City. Show up to vote.

Apparently 90 percent of the eligible voters in Iowa City forgot that yesterday was the day to vote for the vacant city council seat. Or maybe the five minutes it took to vote early for weeks now at the Johnson County Administration building was just to long of a wait. Really? For a county that holds itself out as an example to all other counties in Iowa, this is embarrassing to say the least. Iowa City, a city that prides itself on its social activism and political involvement. A city whose citizens constantly pontificate that they want to be leaders in legislation and want a transparent government and active participation. […]

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