Letter to the editor: When they go low, we go Hai Huynh

By Paola Jaramillo Guayara and Cristina Muñoz De La Torre, Coralville Dear Coralville Residents, Representing some of the beautiful diversity within the Latinx community, Paola and Cristina have the honor of working with Hai Huynh and supporting her candidacy for the Coralville City Council seat. We have seen Hai serve the Coralville community with such […]

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Letter to the editor: What do I say?

By Charlene Lange, Iowa City What do I text when I receive: “covid, in hospital”? This from friend of 40 years who lives with someone with covid who refused to wear a mask. Do I say sorry, governor says we need individual responsibility, not a mandate? What do I say when friend’s mother died of […]

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Letter: A response to Janice Weiner

By Ariel Levin, Nora Claire Miller, Ollie Bricke, Michah Marks and Gail Brashers-Krug, Iowa City The phrase “two Jews, three opinions” is a well-known saying — anyone with experience in Jewish spaces is familiar with the lively and sometimes heated debate that can spring up on any topic, no matter how trivial. And yet, on […]

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