Letter from Joe Bolkcom: Let’s talk weather

We Iowans love to talk about the weather! Not Governor Reynolds. She didn’t mention the recent off-the-charts weather disaster in her rosy Condition of the State address recently. On Dec. 15, Iowans once again experienced a set of events that no one alive has ever witnessed before. A record temperature of 74 degrees. The first […]

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Letter from Joe Bolkcom: Iowa’s workforce crisis, dangerous prisons and neglected state parks are the result of GOP policy

Iowa’s workforce crisis and rural decline can be traced to irresponsible Republican tax and economic policies year after year. Their actions bring to life the words of their puppet master Grover Norquist who said, “I’m not in favor of abolishing the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can […]

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Letter from Joe Bolkcom: Are rural Iowa communities better off today than they were five years ago?

By Joe Bolkcom, Iowa Senator, Iowa City Iowa Republicans’ tax and economic policies have hollowed out Iowa’s small communities and rural landscape. Their big business approach to every problem have resulted in everything getting bigger: worker shortages, farms, packing plants, chemical and fertilizer companies, tractors, consolidated schools, convenience store chains, food and childcare deserts, CAFOs, […]

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