Letter to the editor: Tired of the lies, obfuscation and apologists

By Mike Fallon, Iowa City Please hold Governor Reynolds accountable. Excusing Reynolds does not help those in need, quite the opposite. Good investigative journalism shines a bright and much-needed light on leaders that shirk their responsibilities and endanger the lives of others. We’ve struggled with the virus since March, many continue to die. Revealing Reynolds’ […]

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Letter to the editor: 13 should be lucky

By Olivia Lieberman, age 10, Iowa City Hello. My name is Olivia and I’m writing about the number 13 and why people think 13 is bad, specifically Friday the 13th. Did you know that there is a phobia named after fear of the number 13, called triskaidekaphobia? Fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. […]

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Letter to the editor: Mediocrity won’t motivate

By Chad Cooper, Cedar Rapids The Iowa Democratic Party has had a rough year. First, the bungling of last February’s caucuses, and now a dismal showing in races across the state on Nov. 3. The elevation and financial backing of moderate, middle-of-the-road candidates clearly isn’t a winning strategy. It’s not effectively motivating progressives or swinging […]

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