This Week in the Village: Jan. 19-25

Catch up on the biggest headlines, videos and photos published by Little Village in the past week.

Fashion Forward: Quinn Herbert embraces DIY style, being ‘so extra’

Quinn Herbert — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Monday, Jan. 20

Quinn Herbert, the latest subject in Little Village’s Fashion Forward video series, presented by Revival, said his clothes and especially accessories represent a personal transformation.

“I think initially my style reflected what I want others to think of me,” he said, “and now I think it reflects more about what I think of myself and how I want to feel myself.”

The University of Iowa sophomore recently joined Little Village for a photo shoot and interview about his wardrobe. Continue reading…

Cedar Rapids seeking public input on possible new recreational opportunities on the Cedar River

Cedar River — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Tuesday, Jan. 21

For Cedar Rapidians who have long wished to canoe, tube or swim in the Cedar River, the opportunity could be getting closer. The City of Cedar Rapids is seeking input on potential recreational options, and residents have a chance to share what they’d like to see.

Until Feb. 14, residents can take an online survey that will ask what they think about the Cedar River, how often they go on or along the river and what other water bodies in Iowa they visit for recreation. There is also an opportunity to share what boating and nonboating improvements (like canoeing, tubing and swimming) Cedar Rapids should consider. Continue reading…

‘I was there’: University of Iowa performers, President Harreld to celebrate Stonewall, 50 years later

The “raided premises” sign just inside the door at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. A 1969 police raid here led to the Stonewall riots. This picture was taken on pride weekend in 2016.

Published Wednesday, Jan. 22

Seismic social change sometimes starts at a dive bar. In the summer of 1969, a spontaneous uprising that began outside the Stonewall Inn inspired the gay rights movement and eventually transformed the ways we think about gender and sexuality.

The University of Iowa is honoring the 50 years that passed since that formative event with a production of playwright Ike Holter’s explosive 2012 play Hit the Wall and, immediately following its opening night, a Stonewall 50th Anniversary Celebration. Continue reading…

The strange case of John Delaney

Maryland Congressman John Delaney. — illustration by Jordan Sellegren/Little Village

Published Wednesday, Jan. 22

Presidential candidate John Delaney can’t win. Literally. Also, metaphorically.

The first part should be obvious. Delaney stands no chance of winning the Iowa Caucus. Or finishing second. Or third. He won’t win a caucus or primary in any state.

But the conventions of American political journalism prevent reporters from acknowledging certain obvious things. In the same way Donald Trump’s blatant racism is described with evasive euphemisms such as “racially tinged language,” Delaney is called “a long-shot candidate,” even though it is obvious he will not be elected president in 2020. Continue reading…

Bernie Sanders campaign announces free Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend concerts in Iowa, ahead of caucus

Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend performs in 2015. — RobD/Flickr

Published Wednesday, Jan. 22

The Bernie Sanders campaign announced on Wednesday morning it will be staging two free concerts the weekend before the Iowa Caucus. Bon Iver will perform in Clive on Friday, Jan. 31, and Vampire Weekend will play an acoustic show in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, Feb. 1.

The Iowa Caucus will held on Monday, Feb. 3. Continue reading…

As Trump’s Senate trial begins, Grassley and Ernst vote against calling witnesses and requiring the administration to turn over documents

Sen. Chuck Grassley administers the oath of office to Chief Justice John Roberts in the opening of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Jan. 16, 2019.

Published Wednesday, Jan. 22

Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst voted in lock-step with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during the first session of the trial of President Trump, following his impeachment in the House of Representatives.

The two Iowans joined their Republican Senate colleagues in voting down all 11 amendments the House impeachment managers offered to the trial rules proposed by McConnell. Continue reading…

En Español: This is our time

Published Thursday, Jan. 23

La elección del 2020 es sin duda, la elección de mayor trascendencia en décadas. Hoy podemos ver claramente el deterioro del sistema político de los Estados Unidos de América — en particular, el deterioro de la clase política tradicional. Y Iowa es un buen ejemplo de ello. Para nosotros esta elección es un asunto personal, no sólo político. Continue reading…

How do kids learn to read? UI researchers hope their eye tracking study will provide insight

The University of Iowa’s Growing Words project uses eye tracking to see how quickly students correctly identify the picture that corresponds with the word they either see or hear. — Jav Ducker/Little Village

Published Thursday, Jan. 23

The education system evaluates teachers, facilities, budgets, curricula and students’ progress. But Bob McMurray believes there needs to be more to the discussion.

“Does anybody talk about how children actually learn? Or about how children actually read?” McMurray, a University of Iowa professor of psychological and brain sciences, asked. “We don’t think about that when we make education policy and when we think about whether the system is working for our children.” Continue reading…

Why is Iowa first?

(Left to right) Edmund Muskie in 1980, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and George H.W. Bush in 1976. — Jordan Sellergren/Little Village

Published Friday, Jan. 24

It’s a question that’s been asked with increasing frequency over the past four decades: Why does Iowa go first in the presidential nominating process? Is it because the state is a unique repository of American values? Or because Iowans are remarkable judges of character? As flattering as those explanations may be, neither is correct. The reason Iowa goes first is because of the limited number of available hotel rooms in the Des Moines area in 1972. Continue reading…

‘Kids, let’s face it — they can be a tough audience’: Hancher to kick-off youth programming with Gina Chavez

Gina Chavez — by Lisa Donato

Published Friday, Jan. 24

Musician Gina Chavez is a study in synthesis. In a story familiar to many multi-ethnic Americans, she didn’t always have meaning or identity convenient to her. But she has made a life and a career of creating meaning, of pulling disparate elements in her life into communion with each other.

“I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish,” Chavez, who is known for her bilingual, Latin-infused folk-pop, said in a recent phone call. “I’m half Mexican, half Swiss German; I’m a third-generation Texan … I didn’t grow up around my Latin roots, other than going to mass with my grandma every now and then.” Continue reading…

Prepare for crowds, changes and commitment: Caucus tips from John Deeth

Johnson County residents caucus in 2016. — Jordan Sellergren/Little Village

Published Friday, Jan. 24

The Iowa caucuses are a fickle beast, especially in the state’s most populous communities. John Deeth, a caucus organizer for the Johnson County Democrats and political blogger, shared some advice for aspiring caucusers. Continue reading…

Eat like your favorite 2020 candidate

Jordan Sellergren/Little Village

Published Friday, Jan. 24

Due to an influx of aspiring presidents every four years, many classic Iowa foods have been imbued with politics, from Iowa State Fair pork on a stick to Hamburg Inn pie shakes — even ranch! But Iowa has more to offer than the Midwest staples consumed on-camera by candidates pandering to the nation’s first caucusers. As White House hopefuls make their final swings through Iowa, here are some delicious Iowa City/Cedar Rapids-area foods to suit their tastes. Continue reading…

Sen. Joni Ernst emerges as a major Trump defender during the impeachment trial

During a town hall in October 2019, Iowa resident Amy Haskins asks Sen. Joni Ernst: “Where is the line?” when it comes to standing up to Trump. Ernst responds, “The president is going to say what the president if going to do…I can’t speak for him.” — CSPAN/video still

Published Friday, Jan. 24

Sen. Joni Ernst has proven to be one of President Trump’s leading defenders among the members of the Senate sitting as jury in Trump’s impeachment trial. As the trial has progressed since Tuesday, certain Republican senators have taken on roles as spokespeople, with each focusing on one pro-Trump talking point or set of talking points. Continue reading…

Riverside’s ‘The Agitators’ a timely exploration of 19th century concerns that still plague us

Jessica Link and Curtis M. Jackson in ‘The Agitators.’ — Rob Merritt/Riverside Theatre

Published Saturday, Jan. 25

Riverside Theatre opened its first play of 2020 with an intense reminder of the importance of history, civil rights and activism. The Agitators, by Mat Smart, opened Friday night and runs through Feb. 16 (tickets are $10-30). But if you are still deciding whether or not it’s worth it to caucus on Feb. 3, see this show sooner rather than later — you will be reminded that political life is essential to advancing our country, and you may begin to wonder if we have really come very far at all since the 19th century. Continue reading…

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