Fashion Forward: Quinn Herbert embraces DIY style, being ‘so extra’

Quinn Herbert, the latest subject in Little Village’s Fashion Forward video series, presented by Revival, said his clothes and especially accessories represent a personal transformation.

“I think initially my style reflected what I want others to think of me,” he said, “and now I think it reflects more about what I think of myself and how I want to feel myself.”

The University of Iowa sophomore recently joined Little Village for a photo shoot and interview about his wardrobe.

Quinn Herbert — Zak Neumann/Little Village

“I think I’ve used a lot of clothing as a vessel to reach a more confident version of myself,” said Herbert, originally from West Des Moines. “I really like whatever I’m wearing in the moment to reflect the mood that I’m in and really allow myself to feel the world around me in whatever I’m wearing.”

Herbert’s most-worn item is a jean jacket he’s owned and gradually embellished since he was 17. His favorite things to shop for, though, are pants, shoes and jewelry.

“I do like to pride myself on that I do dress like a grandma a lot of the times. I love me some shoulder pads, I love me some block coloring,” he said.

Quinn Herbert — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Lately, Herbert has taken particular interest in DIY creators, particularly people of color and queer artists. “I really respect this homegrown sense of fashion that is working it’s way up,” he said.

Quinn Herbert — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Herbert pierced his ears last year, and said earrings have helped elevate his looks.

“It’s little experiences like that where it gave me the confidence to be so extra whenever I wanted and to just not care what people thought of me at all,” he said.

“There’s still people who won’t get it and won’t care and I may rub them the wrong way, but I also don’t have to care, at all, which is great. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to the point I am.”

Quinn Herbert — Zak Neumann/Little Village