‘This is amazing,’ says mayor as Iowa City Council passes resolution to restructure ICPD and address other demands of the Iowa Freedom Riders

“I’m excited,” Mayor Bruce Teague said at the end of the Iowa City Council’s special formal session on Tuesday night. The almost four-and-a-half-hour meeting followed the city council’s two-hour-long normal formal meeting, and was devoted to developing a plan to address the social justice issues that have come to forefront as a result of local […]

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Letter to the editor: The Iowa City Council is halting valuable housing projects because they don’t like tall buildings

The Core 4 of the Iowa City Council have indicated a potentially major shift for the future of development in Riverfront Crossings. There are processes and regulations in place to guide P&Z and the council when considering height bonuses. These are, and should be, totally separate from the rezoning process. While it was appropriate for the council to communicate concerns about height to the developer at this stage, there was no reason to not move forward with the rezoning.

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Susan Mims to seek re-election to Iowa City Council

Iowa City council member Susan Mims, who is completing her second term on the city council, announced her decision to run for re-election in November as the representative of District B. In the announcement, she said her focus would be on continuing to improve resident’s quality of life and maintaining the city’s financial stability. […]

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