Letter to the editor: Iowa City Council candidate Susan Mims “has been a tireless advocate for progressive policies”

Susan Mims — Still by Jason Smith

By Laura Bergus

Iowa City should reelect Susan Mims for city council. Susan has been a tireless advocate for progressive policies focused on environmental sustainability and empowering Iowa City’s most vulnerable residents. At the same time, she has championed projects that allow for thoughtful growth and economic development, aimed at strengthening established neighborhoods and avoiding urban sprawl.

I have been watching Iowa City’s council meetings since I was in high school. There have been many different personalities and backgrounds represented on city council over the years. Based on what I have seen and heard, Susan has the attributes we need in our local leaders. She is bright, forward-thinking and willing to ask challenging questions to ensure the Council’s decisions are thoughtful and informed. She is an excellent listener, but is careful not to make policy based on a single squeaky wheel. She is persistent in working for what is best for Iowa City. Listening to her at city council meetings and public forums, it is obvious she is working for Iowa City as a whole, not just a particular angle or agenda. I am inspired by how much Susan cares.

Susan’s demonstrated good work on city council, as a community volunteer, as a professional and as a parent all prove she is the best candidate. Please join me in voting for Susan Mims for Iowa City City Council, District B. Check the Johnson County Auditor’s website for early voting locations, or vote for Susan Mims at your regular polling place on Nov. 7.

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