Letter to the editor: Susan Mims plays an ‘indispensable role’ on the Iowa City Council

Susan Mims — Still by Jason Smith

By Matt Hayek and Mary Kate Pilcher Hayek

While it may be tempting to ditch politics for football and trips to the apple orchard, the Iowa City Council election is Nov. 7 and Susan Mims needs your vote.

No one works harder than Susan Mims. She is respected by the left and the right — by affordable housing advocates, non-profit leaders, business leaders, university officials, city staffers and many others. She plays an under appreciated and indispensable role on the city council — progressive on the issues, yet watchful over our tax dollars and mindful of the threats posed by cuts in state and federal funding.

Susan’s record is exceptional. In the 90’s, she served on the school board, including as president. For the past eight years, she has served on the city council.

Consider some of Susan’s accomplishments: She led the successful effort to expand minority representation on our police force. She was an early supporter of the Behavioral Access Program, designed to keep residents facing crisis out of jails and emergency rooms and giving them access to the programs they need. She has promoted practical approaches to challenges like affordable housing, first responder services, transportation and boosting the minimum wage. As chairperson of the Economic Development Committee, she has helped the city make smart investments that strengthen our neighborhoods, add jobs, support small and minority-owned businesses and grow the tax base we rely upon to fund the many services we prioritize.

Susan has one challenger, Ryan Hall, a 24-year-old undergraduate who moved to Iowa City a few months ago. As compared to Susan, he is unqualified. Electing someone with such a lack of experience and local knowledge is irresponsible.

Too often, candidates in our community offer a platform of platitudes with no indication of how they might be implemented. Susan promotes viable, progressive strategies that become a reality.

All voters can vote for the District B spot. On Nov. 7, please help us reelect Susan Mims. Iowa City needs her for four more years.

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