The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: Coverage of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

The delegates at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte reflected the nation’s current and evolving demographics, with a generous mix of Americans of all ethnicities. In contrast, despite what one can surmise was a considerable effort by party operatives to diversify the delegations—considerable given the level of support by African Americans for the the Romney-Ryan ticket […]

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What's The Matter With Stephen Bloom?

Little Village readers following the ongoing controversy about Professor Stephen Bloom’s article about Iowa in the Atlantic may have noticed the lack of direct response from us. Thomas Dean made a glancing mention of it in his essay about the complicated feelings he has about his hometown Rockford, Illinois. Mostly, we thought that there wasn’t […]

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Your Town Now: License to Complain

Iowa City, often called the Athens of the Midwest, is, like its more famous cousin, a hotbed of learning, activism and civic engagement.

Nonetheless, only an abysmally low 5.11% of registered voters (2,598 people) voted in our recent City Council primary election, while the other 48,222 registered voters living in Iowa City couldn’t be bothered to, apparently. […]

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McCain, Palin, Socialism

Lately McCain and Palin have been hammering Obama for having “socialist ideas.”  Now of course, they don’t actually care whether Obama really advocates Socialism or Capitalism or Communism. They are just using words with negative connotations to describe their opponent, as though they were magical spells. They count on their constituency being ignorant, and not […]

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