Gloom Balloon show at Gabe’s a truly moving experience

Gloom Balloon at Gabe's

If Patrick Tape Fleming and Chris Ford weren’t already two of the biggest names in Iowa music, who’ve played shows before adoring crowds of thousands (with The Poison Control Center and Christopher the Conquered, respectively), Gloom Balloon would still be an easy sell. It seems like this group (it’s just the two of them) may […]

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Show Preview: Rubblebucket 03/21/2012-Gabes

Rubbelbucket | 8:00pm | Gabes | $8 General Admission Spring is here, so let’s have a party! And how better to celebrate its arrival than dancing to some bouncy, danceable and life affirming beats and horns at a show that’s guaranteed to get you moving and smiling? Fresh off the exhausting SXSW music festival circuit, the rapturous […]

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Your Town Now: License to Complain

Iowa City, often called the Athens of the Midwest, is, like its more famous cousin, a hotbed of learning, activism and civic engagement.

Nonetheless, only an abysmally low 5.11% of registered voters (2,598 people) voted in our recent City Council primary election, while the other 48,222 registered voters living in Iowa City couldn’t be bothered to, apparently. […]

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Video: Roast This Town 2

Little Village Magazine’s Second Annual Roast of Iowa City had well over 200 people packed into The Mill and laughing it up for an hour as every last one of Iowa City’s sacred cows were gutted and cooked, every tender scab picked at, and every one of our town’s beloved “quirks” exposed as the grand mal neuroses they really are. […]

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North Liberty’s Blues and BBQ Makes Summer Official

In Chicago, the truest sign that summer had arrived was the delicious aroma of grilled meat wafting through the air all along the lakefront as the thousands of folks who had been held hostage by winter for entirely too long gathered along it to grill up some barbecue with their friends and family and offer up thanks for having made it through another long and gloomy winter. […]

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Show Preview: Henhouse Prowlers. Fri. 1/28 at the Iowa City Yacht Club

Probably the best dressed, most handsome, hardest touring, hardest playing and most toe-tappingly, leg-slappingly, butt shakingly get-up-out-of-your-chair-and DANCE Bluegrass act in the country right now, Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers brings their own classic yet unique brand of bluegrass to Gabe’s this Friday night at 9:30 p.m. […]

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Show Preview: "Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad," This Wednesday at Gabe's

On Wednesday, January 19th, a comedy, music & burlesque act from New York City called “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” will be taking the stage at Gabe’s at 8 p.m. and, given how few Jews there are in show business (insert rim-shot here) I’m always more than happy to plug an act involving fellow members of the tribe. […]

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Townie Hawk: Bears Beat

After a season that began with high hopes and ended with stories of high players, people are looking elsewhere for their football fix as we enter the time of year where games have real meaning. Sure, the Hawks were invited to the Insight Bowl (motto: “Arizona is warmer than wherever the hell you’re from this […]

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