They Weren't Serving Moose at the Steakfry

Our friends over at Iowa Politics have a full report on the Sarah Palin roast that was the Tom Harkin Steak Fry. But this gem from Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge stands out:

“Sarah knows how to field-dress a moose. I know how to castrate a calf. Neither of those things has anything at all to do with this election. But since we know so much about Sarah’s special skills, I wanted to make sure you knew about mine too.”

The fundraising event also featured rising Democrat Brian Schweitzer, the current Montana Governor (for those of you who don’t know your geography, Montana borders Canada, making Brian an expert on foriegn policy). Schwietzer spoke about energy reform and the current energy “crisis” we Americans find ourselves in. He exhorted American to “produce American energy” adding, “grow it, blow it, drill it or dig it, but make it American.”

More than 1,000 Iowa Democrats attended the event in Indianola yesterday.