Album Review: Bermuda Report EP

Abbie Sawyer (formerly of the Diplomats of Solid Sound) is the lead singer of Iowa City band Bermuda Report. Abbie left the Diplomats in 2008 to pursue a Master’s program in New Zealand. She came back home and in May of this year started working with the band that would become Bermuda Report. Supporting Sawyer in Bermuda Report are Paul Kresowik (from the Diplomats and his own band Local Clamor) on drums, Billy LeGrand (in Local Clamor with Kresowik) on guitars, Jeremiah Murphy (OSG Band, Public Property) on bass and Nick Leo (Brooks Strause & the Gory Details, Salsa Vibe) on Hammond B5 and Rhodes. […]

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Album Review: Natalie Brown – Violin Crossings

Natalie Brown is an Eastern Iowa music staple–playing violin/fiddle in a number of notable bands in the area including The Trollies, with Nikki Lunden, The Mayflies and with local guitar legend Craig Erickson in their latest jamband Planet Pluto. She is classically-trained and holds a degree in violin performance, a master’s in music education and […]

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Album Review: Katharine Ruestow – Self-titled

You might be familiar with Katharine Ruestow as one of the Diplomettes–the female vocal duo that fronts the Iowa City Soul and R&B group The Diplomats of Solid Sound–or as part of Iowa City band New Beat Society, which gigged around town in 2005 and 2006 and released one EP, Bare Essentials. Ruestow’s self-titled solo […]

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Album Review – 85 Decibel Monks: Reel-to-Real

85 Decibel Monks is the production team of Iowa City hip-hip producers Tack-Fu, The Chaircrusher and drumk. Reel-to-Real is their latest release and the third under this name since 2000. To make the album, Tack sorted through a sizable archive of work amassed over fourteen years. Still, consumed in one sitting, the collection of tracks is surprisingly even.


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