Tonight at the Yacht Club: John June Year

John June Year

Cedar Falls indie-rock group John June Year is scheduled to play the Yacht Club today at 10:00 p.m. Since forming just over a year ago, they’ve released an EP titled Translations, and a pair of singles titled Lounge Lizard, and Dangerous Range (singles are still a thing!). Though they’ve put in a lot of studio […]

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Show preview: Bleeding Rainbow at the Mill

Bleeding Rainbow

I would say that the upcoming Bleeding Rainbow show at the Mill would be a great show for a date, but the band might not appreciate that sentiment. The Philadelphia-based fuzz pop rockers previously known as Reading Rainbow recently changed their name to something that sounds more grown up and edgy. […]

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Show Preview: Mickey Hart at the Englert Theatre

The Mickey Hart Band

You may know Mickey Hart as having been a percussionist for the Grateful Dead for over 30 years, but don’t expect his show at the Englert Thursday to be a series of Dead covers. Hart has spent his long career traveling the world and learning different cultures’ musical styles, and this global influence is very apparent in the music the Mickey Hart Band plays. […]

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Tonight at The Mill: So Many Dynamos are onto something

So Many Dynamos -- photo by Ryan Powell

When thinking of the nebulous indie-pop scene that spanned much of the ’00s, three things come to mind: Piercing tenors, square-rimmed glasses and countless young emo and indie-pop groups that utterly disappeared before getting a chance to bridge that awkward gap between adolescence and adulthood. […]

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The Other Side of Hip Hop: Louis Logic tonight at The Mill

Louis Logic

Brooklyn rapper Louis Logic will be making a stop at the Mill tonight as part of the “Geordi la Forgery” tour, which is both a clever Star Trek reference and a fun line-up of indie hip-hop artists. The brainchild of the Geordi tour is 21-year-old Milo aka Rory Ferreira, a self-proclaimed art rapper who is vegetarian, tosses out pro wrestling references and reads Jacques Derrida in his spare time. Ion and Iowa City’s AWTHNTKTS will also be opening. […]

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Revisiting Nirvana at Gabe’s July 5, 1989

Nirvana at Gabe's, 1989

After filtering through the plastic, MTV-generated hype and the tabloid exposure of Courtney Love, you could tell from listening to Nirvana’s records and watching them onstage (although not all the time!) that something big and timeless was going on. Who can you say that about these days? It’s a phenomenon that gets rarer and rarer. […]

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At The Mill: Alex Bleeker and the Freaks with Sleepy Kitty, Lonelyhearts, Dewi Sant

The Lonely Hearts

For Iowa City, the chaos of a new semester may be knocking, but we don’t have to open the door quite yet. Some of your friends are back in town, and The Mill is offering the perfect opportunity to catch up with them over light beers and chilled-out indie rock. It’s 8:30 p.m. now, night […]

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An interview with Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart

Although most people know Mickey Hart as one member of the “Rhythm Devils” percussion section of the Grateful Dead (along with Bill Kreutzmann), he has had a notable solo music career with an astonishing 14 releases to his name. In addition to a prolific musical career, he has a passion for ethnomusicology which has led […]

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Gogol Bordello is in town and tickets are still available

Gogol Bordello

Despite what you may have heard, tonight’s Gogol Bordello show at the Blue Moose Tap House is not sold out. Best of all, there couldn’t be a better day for Gogol Bordello to be coming into town. In Iowa City, August 1 typically means dedicating the bulk of your day to a monotonous, grinding session […]

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