Album Review: 85 Decibel Monks – Pool Cues

85 Decibel Monks

85 Decibel Monks Pool Cues 85 Decibel Monks is the Iowa City-based duo of Tack-Fu and Grover Beats. Their newest release, Pool Cues, is a 29-track instrumental odyssey with the cool, light, jazz vibe of chilling with a martini at an upscale lounge or are relaxing on a yacht in Monaco. The third track, […]

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Get your skank on: Reel Big Fish to play the Blue Moose

With flannel coming down the runways of high fashion labels, it’s safe to say that the 1990s have come back in full force. Many associate the ’90s with grunge music, but the other major musical force was ska. Sharing passing similarities with its Jamaican origins, the music’s high energy was extremely popular across the country, bolstered by labels like Moon Ska and Chicago’s Jump Up Records. […]

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This Wednesday: Julianna Barwick to play Danforth Chapel

Julianna Barwick

Last year — like every year for the last four — I worked as a producer during the Mission Creek Festival (Full disclosure: I worked Mission Creek Festival this year). This gives me the opportunity to check out as many bands as possible. One of the major experimentalists that was brought in last year was William Basinski, who is best known for The Disintegration Loops. While I remember what he looked like — long white hair, leather blazer — I can’t really remember what he sounded like… […]

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Brooklyn’s Pearl and the Beard set for Cedar Rapids

I don’t often write about folk bands, but Brooklyn-based Pearl and the Beard stand out from the rest of the folk-pop fold in a couple of different ways. The first is that they are not relentlessly cheery or obsessed with being cute and old-timey. While they do have their share of cute acoustic songs, just as many of their songs are dark and unsettling. The trio of Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles use guitar, drums, keyboards and percussion to create a bit of modern menace in the otherwise bubbly world of folk-pop. […]

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On the Beat: Delorean head to the Mill this Saturday

Delorean is a four-piece band that made a big splash on the indie rock scene in 2010 when they signed to True Panther Sounds, an imprint of Matador Records. While they had been making music together since 2000, the deal with True Panther gave them a global audience, something that had been out of their reach for the decade prior. While every… […]

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