Titus Andronicus to perform at Gabe’s Saturday

Titus Andronicus

This Saturday, indie punk rock veterans Titus Andronicus are set to return to Iowa City for a show at Gabe’s along with Lost Boy and The Olympics. Known for their stirring live shows including extended renditions of already lengthy rock ‘n roll songs, the show kicks off at 10 p.m. and promises to go well into the night. […]

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The anatomy of a tailgate

Anatomy of a tailgate

It’s 7 a.m. and everyone around you is wearing costumes and face paint. Air horns, vuvuzelas and stereo equipment bungee-corded onto coolers appear out of nowhere. A ping pong ball lands at your feet and someone offers you a can of beer. This might be your heaven or hell—either way this is the Iowa City […]

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The art of partying: An interview with Andrew W.K.

There’s a moment in a recent Andrew W.K. interview with WatchMojo where the rocker — famed for his high-energy stage presence — is asked if he ever plans on slowing down. Without missing a beat, W.K. launches into an endearing sort of non-answer about how he “should still be going strong” into his 80s. It’s almost quaint—the kind of answer you might expect from a musician whose party reputation precedes him. It’s not until he starts talking about aging-yet-active musicians like 77-year-old Lee “Scratch” Perry that it starts to sink in: W.K. has spent a lot of time thinking about this particular question, and he’s dead serious. […]

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