What will the “Core Four” councilors mean for Iowa City’s pending development projects?

Chauncey Tower

Last November, prior to the election of a slate of candidates who called themselves the “Core Four,” then-Mayor Matt Hayek penned an open letter predicting the consequences of such a win. It would, he wrote, see a “return to the anti-growth, micromanaging City Hall of eras past.” But at the top of 2016, to many […]

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New PS1 recording studio to offer weekly workshops

Max Johnson

Over the last few months, local musician (and former Little Village editor) Max Johnson has been spending a lot of his free time turning a small, windowless storage room behind Public Space One’s (PS1) stage into a fully functional recording studio. The upshot? Starting this week, he’s rolling out weekly, collaborative recording workshops that will run through July 21. […]

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Talking Movies: ‘Night of the Baby Sitter’ arrives in Iowa City

Filming for Night of the Babysitter, a horror film shot right here in Iowa City, wrapped up earlier this month. Needless to say, the idea of a cinematic thrill-fest shot right in our own backyard is appealing in its own right, but Babysitter appears to be far more than your typical slasher flick. Little Village […]

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