Actual, Honest, 100% Whole Wheat Bread

I started with this recipe, but only because I thought it was a recipe for real, live all whole wheat french bread. Nothing wrong with that recipe, but I’m a type II diabetic, and white flour is powdered death for me. Anyhow, you need 3-4 (or 5, I didn’t really measure past a certain point) […]

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Morel Me, Please

A walk in the woods in the heartland’s early spring is intrinsically rewarding, but while you are enjoying those first few sunny days after a nourishing spring rain, why not look for things that can feed your belly as well as your soul? The woodlands of the upper Midwest are teeming with gourmet goodies in […]

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Food Without the Wrapper

Too many people in this country, I have learned, have been sold a bill of goods. They’ve been tricked. Flim-flammed. Conned. Hussled. Bamboozled into believing that food comes wrapped in plastic from a freezer in the nearest Wal-Mart and that cooking is a chore, like laundry or washing windows, to be avoided if at all […]

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