Pro Tips with Wayne Diamante: Pompous circumstance

Pro Tips

(Graduation March plays; assembly stands; Wayne mounts the podium and, after a pause, indicates that everyone remain standing) Greetings, class of 2016. I have a number of these keynote thingydingys to deliver today, so you’ll have to excuse the parsimonious nature of my remarks. Note, however, that their brevity should in no way indicate a […]

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Pro Tips with Wayne Diamante: 2016 predictions

Donald Trump

In the cold isolation of the 21st century, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride roughshod over the ashes of civilization delivering endless war, famine and whatever the other two guys bring to the party. Mere existence hinges on locking away the last shreds of your humanity deep within your psyche, slaking your thirst for […]

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Pro Tips with Wayne Diamante: Surviving Thanksgiving

Turkey Jerks

Welcome to your Thanksgiving edition of Pro Tips! It’s time to unbuckle the belt another notch and belly-up to a steaming pile of cran-something, crispy gizzards and don’t forget auntie so-and-so’s world-famous marshmallow infused jello-blunder. But never fear, dear friends, because this year I’ve got your back. Just download my new app called “You’ll have […]

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