All Iowa City apartment buildings will start offering recycling this year

Apartment life in Iowa City will get a little greener in 2018, because every building with more than four rental units have to offer recycling before the end of the year. The Iowa City Council passed a regulation in 2016 mandating landlords provide recycling in order to renew their rental permits — something that must be done every two years. […]

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Cardboard will be banned from Iowa City garbage bins starting next year

As Iowa City residents haul the remains of their New Year’s Eve to curb, they’ll need to remember a new regulation: no cardboard in the garbage bin. Starting Jan. 2, a ban on corrugated cardboard at the Iowa City Landfill goes into effect. Corrugated cardboard (the sort of cardboard construction that has two pieces connected by a wavy layer of cardboard) may be placed in or under curbside recycling bins — boxes should be broken down, with pieces no larger than 2 ft. by 2 ft. — or taken to a recycling facility. […]

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Curbside recycling in Iowa City will get easier next month

Curbside recycling in Iowa City will become simpler next month. Starting Dec. 4, paper and non-paper items in recycling bins will no longer need to be separated. It’s an attempt to increase the number of household that recycle by making the process easier, according to the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center’s website.

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