Your Town Now: License to Complain

Iowa City, often called the Athens of the Midwest, is, like its more famous cousin, a hotbed of learning, activism and civic engagement.

Nonetheless, only an abysmally low 5.11% of registered voters (2,598 people) voted in our recent City Council primary election, while the other 48,222 registered voters living in Iowa City couldn’t be bothered to, apparently. […]

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Your Town Now: The Millar's Tale

Give John Millar this much: The man doesn’t know when to quit. Unfortunately for us, Millar–the business-development consultant recently hired by the city and the university–also doesn’t know much about working with college-town audiences. Which is a shame, seeing as the city’s Planning & Community Development Department, The Daily Iowan and Millar himself tout his […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 13-15

In this week’s Weekender, we bridge the gap between print and online journalism, say goodbye to a local band, encourage local political engagement and learn that you can say City three times while referring to City Hall. It’s as action packed as a teen soap! […]

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We Built This City

I’m leaving Iowa City. For the vast lot of you who don’t know me, this means little. But after the most important six years of my life–and as an active community member in whatever journalistic and cultural outlets I could tap into–it’s kind of a big deal. Cue the nostalgic montage music.


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Celebrating Downtown

(With regard to: Press Citizen: Panhandling law passes first vote) Every weekend, heck, every day and every night, people get their friends together and head downtown. Why? Because downtown Iowa City is a legendary place that they’ve been hearing about for years. Their parents talked about it when they were babies. Their friends have looked […]

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