An interview with city council candidate Rockne Cole

Rockne Cole

As the city council election draws near, Little Village posed the same set of questions to four candidates. The answers will be published one candidate at a time through October. Interview with candidate Kingsley Botchway. Interview with candidate Catherine Champion. Interview with candidate Royceann Porter. Little Village: A recent national study by the American Civil […]

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Community: There ought to be a law…and a bus.

Iowa City Buses

“This is my home and I love it,” Marquez said. “My children have been raised here, and I want my children to be good citizens who are educated.” Still, she has the perception that minorities are targeted by the police. She described the daily sight of the one to four police cars sitting at the single entrance and exit to her neighborhood. […]

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UR Here: Open Spaces

In the days when prairies stretched from river to river across the expanse of what we now call Iowa, bison disturbance was essential to the health of the ecosystem. As the herds thundered across the grasslands and created wallows—depressions in the ground in which the animals rolled to cover themselves in mud and dirt—like a […]

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Your Town Now: Red Light Caution

Many of us subject ourselves to forms of surveillance on a daily basis. Every time we post a picture on Facebook or send out a tweet, we are contributing to vast digital archives of data about ourselves, observable to those both within and beyond our social circles. While we do this voluntarily, what a lot […]

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