The Tube: Losing the stigma, not the weight

The Tube

As excited as we are for our annual respite from the cold, the heat of summer—also known as “swimsuit season”—can bring with it anxiety, and for some, feelings of shame. What does television have to do with swimsuits and bodies? For one, television has a long history of contributing to and exacerbating body anxiety both […]

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How to Mission Creek: A guide to Thursday night

Here, Little Village‘s Tube columnist, Melissa Zimdars, offers her recap of last night at Mission Creek, and her plans for this evening. I know only nerdiest television columnist would fact-check a comedic routine, but in case anyone in Iowa City raised an eyebrow at the Cameron Esposito show last night like I embarrassingly did between […]

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The Tube: TV shows for hibernating

The following list of must-watch TV shows got started when the air outside my apartment felt like negative 35 degrees, and I wanted something to look forward to besides the thoughts of sun and drinking on my porch. These new and soon-to-air shows should keep you occupied until the grass is green again. Empire (FOX) […]

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Opinion: Stop over-funding the bloated UI administration

Howard Beale being Howard Beale

Recently, the University of Iowa has been making some questionable decisions in the name of finances. Courses are being cut in Intermedia (despite waiting lists and TA’s ready to teach them), fellowships that traditionally fund underrepresented minorities are being eliminated, graduate students are inconsistently funded or underfunded and the number of part-time, non-benefit-receiving adjunct faculty […]

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