Interview: Comedian John Hodgman brings ‘Vacationland’ to the Englert Theatre

Comedian John Hodgman Englert Theatre — Friday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. The characters of “John Hodgman” include resident expert, deranged millionaire, and stockpiler of mayonnaise and urine for the impending apocalypse. He has appeared on The Daily Show, Bored […]

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How to Mission Creek: A guide to Saturday and Sunday

Father John Misty

Hopefully, you’ve been Mission-Creeking-it-up all week (seriously, Amen Dunes! Silver Apples! Real Estate! Freddie Gibbs! How to Dress Well! Foxygen!), but if not, there’s still enough music, film and literature to satiate your soul for weeks — all happening in just one weekend. […]

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