Album Review: Dustin Busch – Down Home

Dustin Busch

Down Home is Dustin Busch’s first solo album in a long time (he was 15-years-old when he made his first), and showcases his slide guitar and country blues. In most people’s hands—at least people who weren’t born 100 years ago, poor and black in Mississippi—this is a recipe for embarrassing tedium. Yet Busch combines a complete mastery of the technique and style of blues, as well as a relaxed, nothing-to-prove attitude to make serious music that never takes itself too seriously. […]

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Iowa Opera House Project brings Old Venues Back to Life + Free Music Download

Iowa was a lonely place not that long ago. The 19th century saw its quiet prairie oceans replaced with cultivated fields as diligent settlers traipsed westward across the continent. Railroad companies would soon lay down steel tracks across the state, […]

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A-List:Grand Opening Celebration – Trumpet Blossom Café

Grand Opening Celebration Trumpet Blossom Café (310 East Prentiss St.) May 19, 2 p.m. – Midnight Iowa City was left with a void in January with the swift and unfortunate demolition of vegetarian staple, The Red Avocado. As a new […]

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Mission Creek 2010 Preview: Dustin Busch

Local guitarist and luthier Dustin Busch will open for Booker T. this Wednesday night at the Englert as part of the 2010 Mission Creek festival. Busch plays regularly – solo and with Illinois John Fever – and you’ll catch him […]

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Iowa City Weekender: 10/15-10/18

Headlights and Awful Purdies at the Mill
Minstrel Studios – Yacht Club – Fat Tire Battle of the Bands – FINALS THIS FRIDAY
Former Ghosts at the Picador […]

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