Astrology forecast for July 2015

Astrology Forecast

CANCER (June 21-July 22): “I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I am doing,” said composer John Cage in describing his creative process. That’s excellent counsel for you to meditate on, Cancerian. The less expertise and certainty you have about the rough magic you’re experimenting with, the more likely it is that this magic […]

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Hot Tin Roof, June/July 2012: The Bird

By Chelsea Bacon It might have been a bird. It hit the house with a soft thud, shuffled on the porch, and flitted away quickly as it came. It could have been a bat; it would have made no difference. It was aimless. It interjected into a cold Iowa evening, without meaning or significance, an […]

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A-List: Andrew Skurka at Finn & Feather, April 9-10

Fin & Feather Presents Andrew Skurka April 9, 10 | 7 pm Fin & Feather (125 Highway 1 W) Curious how you can earn an “ultra” in front of your “long-distance backpacker” moniker? Then hike, bike or otherwise trek to Fin & Feather this month for presentations by ultra long-distance backpacker Andrew Skurka. National Geographic […]

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Hot Tin Roof: Life in Miniature

By Noel Carver No matter how good life may be it will never be a good transition, womb to world with pain and aging, open like a book. He did not need the slap upon the feet, his little face already gasping, flailing arms and grasping air. But the slap came anyway, a first lesson. […]

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Balancing the Scales

Chris Warnock and I are two unconventional lawyers looking to address a conventional problem: the power imbalance between landlords and tenants in Iowa City. Along with Christine Boyer, we have founded the Tenants Project, an organization dedicated to ensuring fair play between landlords and tenants. We seek to change the landlord-tenant dynamic from one of antagonism to cooperation and we intend to accomplish that through self-help litigation assistance, continuing legal education and, if necessary, class-action litigation. […]

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Talking Movies: Film Fests 2011

Is this heaven? No, it’s the Hardacre Film Festival, every bit as magical as a diamond in a cornfield where the ghosts of old baseball players congregate. Every August, in the town of Tipton, Iowa (population 3,155), great movies, filmmakers from all over the country and interesting Iowans magically appear in a gorgeous old movie […]

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