Letter to the editor: My first year as an environmentalist

To the future generation: It has been one year since I starting writing to you. One year ago I saw the Northern Lights in Canada. It was awesome and depressing. I saw the lights and learned the effects of global warming on a community. I changed from a denier of climate change to a believer. We have a beautiful world but it is changing. But what can I do? […]

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Letter to the editor: Football and my morality

By Chad Cooper Another Super Bowl is in the books. Super Bowl LIII. The 53rd installment. At 5:30 CST on Feb. 3, people from all walks of life gathered around televisions to watch the spectacle. I was one of those people. The game has established the first Sunday in February as essentially a national holiday, […]

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Letter to the editor: Trump’s homage to tradition

By Scott Hartley, Fairfield Trump detractors who decry their target buffoon as a rampant violator of tradition are deficient in political history. The orange POTUS has actually fallen tamely in line with Democrats of the Clinton era. When the former president sometimes known as “Slick Willy” gained the White House, Dems held both chambers of […]

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