Show Preview: Henhouse Prowlers. Fri. 1/28 at the Iowa City Yacht Club

Probably the best dressed, most handsome, hardest touring, hardest playing and most toe-tappingly, leg-slappingly, butt shakingly get-up-out-of-your-chair-and DANCE Bluegrass act in the country right now, Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers will be bringing their own classic yet unique brand of bluegrass to Gabe’s this Friday night at 9:30 p.m.

I first had the pleasure of first getting to know these boys when they were just getting started back in Chicago, and now that I live in Iowa I seldom if ever miss a chance to see them anytime they play within a 50 mile radius.

Since they first got their start as the not-quite-but-almost “house band” in a dark and smoky bar that was so seedy it made the cantina in Star Wars look like a Christian Science reading room by comparison (my beloved “Roy’s,” on Chicago’s far north side – now the “Red Line Tap”), the Prowlers have grown into a multi-award winning act whose national prestige only keeps growing.

Last summer they won top honors at the prestigious Rockygrass Bluegrass festival and just over a year ago they were named Best Country/Western entertainer of the year at the Chicago Music Awards.

Needless to say, their fame and accolades are beginning to catch up with their talent.

I spoke to several people who first saw them play at the Summercamp Music Festival two summers ago and they said they were the best act they saw there the whole weekend – apologies to Les Claypool and Willy Nelson.

This is a band that may soon outgrow places like Gabe’s – if not Iowa City itself (why doesn’t Iowa City have a Bluegrass festival in the summertime? It should) so don’t miss the opportunity to come out and see an act that is guaranteed to knock that cold winter chill straight out of your weary bones and leave a smile on your face all the way home.

Okay, that may just be the whiskey you drink, a prerequisite for proper bluegrass enjoyment, but still, a fun night is guaranteed.

Tickets are available at the door for just $7
Jon Eric, banjo player extraordinaire, opens the show.

Click here to listen to some of their songs.

Click here to visit the Henhouse Prowlers website and learn more about the band, upcoming tour dates and to purchase their music.

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