Show Photos: Skye Carrasco @ PS1 – 4/1

Skye stopped in to the KRUI camp at Public Space One on Friday to give folks a taste of what they’d be getting at the Mill later that night. Surrounded by soft, glowing fluorescent hatchets, (part of the art exhibit presently on display) Skye wove a tapestry of sound with her violin and her stunning voice. […]

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Mission Creek Day 1: Come dance now.

Instead of getting into the details of A Classic Education schooling their audience on powerhouse Brit-pop, The Wandering Bears plucking tambourines from a red-lit, skeletal branch whilst belting out sweet downhome harmonies, and an ecstatic audience parting for members of the U of I brass section to join Rubblebucket onstage for a thunderous finale, what I would like to write you instead is “please come do this.” […]

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