Iowa City Weekender: August 16-19

Hello Iowa City weekend warriors. This is one of those special editions that I’ve decided to extend to Sunday because Dawes is coming into town. If you don’t know Dawes, you can acquaint yourself a little further down the page. […]

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Show Photos: Paleo, Lonelyhearts, Brooks Strause, Kurt Vile @ the Mill – 4/3

In general, I don’t drink – but I am certainly going to have a Mission Creek hangover. Despite my exhaustion, tinnitus and many hours spent looking over and over at images I captured, I made it to the Mill again tonight. […]

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Show Photos: Lonelyhearts live at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines

I am a sucker for a road trip, even just a little one, so it took no convincing to get me to trek to the Mews for Iowa City’s Lonelyhearts. They opened for Ames’ much-talked-about band, the Poison Control Center, which I regret I didn’t get to hear play. As always, I had my camera in tow and fired off a few shots of the always-enjoyable Lonelyhearts.


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