Event Photos: Sam Locke Ward, Lonelyhearts at the Mill 8/19

If you’ve been paying attention, I am a huge fan of both Sam and the Lonelyhearts, so when they ended up on a bill together at the Mill, I was super happy. This was intended to be the Lonelyhearts record release party with Hammel on Trial, but Hammel ended up stranded out west somewhere and, equally as disappointing, the Lonelyhearts’ new material ended up being shipped to God knows where. I am still waiting to get my hands on a copy. Regardless of the mishaps, this was a great show, as expected. This will be the last Lonelyhearts show for awhile, as one of the two core members lives in the lovely land of Colorado.  I hope you were lucky enough to sit in on this musical delight. See what I saw below.

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