Lonelyhearts Live @ The Mill 07/05/2010

I assume some of the people who are reading this aren’t in Iowa, or don’t ever go out to hear live music, or for some reason just never went to the Mill for the free Tuesday Night Social Club. It’s free to get in, you can order food and drinks, and be home on a work night before midnight — pretty much a no brainer if you ask me. They’ve moved up the start time to 7PM, to allow the under-21 crowd to attend before they turn into pumpkins at 10.

This week it was Larry “Machine Gun” Sievers, Emotron and the Lonelyhearts. Larry played some of his discursive, loopy compositions on a keyboard workstation, that connect via dream logic to his love of all things Metal. Emotron managed to exposes his pasty white ass, sing his jokey electronic pop songs, squat in front of a wall of televisions, and run a garage sale all at the same time. This may not sound like a recipe for success, but the dude can sing and program a tasty beat.

The Lonelyhearts don’t play that much since the principals (John Lindenbaum and Andre Perry) live a day’s drive apart, and I’ve always managed to miss their other shows in Iowa City, so I was stoked to get the chance to check them out. Unfortunately I was blabbing in the beer garden during the first few songs of the Lonelyhearts set, but I did get the last 35 minutes or so with the H4…

[audio:|titles=Live at the Mill 2010-07-05|artists=Datagun]
Pictures by the inimitable Adrianne Behning:

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