Photos: Monadnoc, Lonelyhearts at the Red Avocado – 8/15

I try to never miss any show that involves these performers, especially at a venue as teeny and intimate as the lovely Red Avocado. The cozy back room was filled with an attentive, wine-sipping audience. Monadnoc cast a spell over the room with his melodic spoken word artistry, backed by two guitars and a drummer, which was a nice alternative to his usual solo show with only his guitar. I encourage you, on these rainy days, to sit on your back porch, sip a whiskey drink and listen to his album, Olive Oil and Indian Blood. I wish him well as his tour takes him east next month.

The Lonelyhearts, the amazing song-writing duo, broke out a bunch of new material which will soon be available on their new EP, Winter Club. I can’t rave enough about these guys. Their 2008 album, Disaster Footage at Night gets regular play in my house. They have the perfect mix of  engaging  lyrics and melodies that get stuck in your head all day. It’s hard to follow up a great album with new songs of equal or better quality, but I am convinced this is not a risk for them. They sound great, as always. Be sure to catch their show this Thursday at the Mill with Hamell on Trial. 9pm.

And now for the few photos I snapped in the low-light ambiance of the Red Avocado.

[Since I can’t get the slideshow to cooperate, check out the direct to the photo set link here ]

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