Show Photos: Paleo, Lonelyhearts, Brooks Strause, Kurt Vile @ the Mill – 4/3

In general, I don’t drink – but I am certainly going to have a Mission Creek hangover. Despite my exhaustion, tinnitus and many hours spent looking over and over at images I captured, I made it to the Mill again tonight.

This was one of those lineups that is simply well-rounded. Each set of performers is a little different, making it a show for those of many and multi-tastes. The show also got rolling early, a happy occurrence for all of us weary music lovers and event workers.

Paleo started us out slow and sweet, singing both alone with his guitar and with the accompaniment of Skye Carrasco on violin. Melodically and lyrically, this set was the equivalent of eating desert first. It’s light, sweet and makes you want to lay on the couch and relax.

The Lonelyhearts are living proof that long distance relationships work. With Andre here and John in Colorado, shows are a rare occurrence and always very anticipated events for me. Their songs have become a musical comfort food for me. (I think the food metaphors are a sign I need to make some breakfast.) They picked up the tempo of the night a bit and ended their set with one of my favorites, Ntozake Nelson.

Brooks Strause and the Gory Details continued the crescendo of the evening and played just as hard as they always do. The 6 piece band is great at creating multilayered songs that catch the attention of even the most obliviously-chatty bar patrons.

The night ended well-before midnight, but not without quite a ruckus. By the time Kurt Vile and the Violators took the stage, it was terribly crowded and really hot. That didn’t stop people from packing in around the stage to get blasted in the face with chill rock melodies.

This was a well-balanced bill and a great way to begin the home stretch of this year’s Mission Creek Fest. We have one more show tonight at the Mill. Come hear Wye Oak,┬áCallers and
Dewi Sant. For those of you that have stuck with it from the beginning, you’ve come this far. Come close this week out proper with me.

oh yeah, the photos…

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