Your guide to Mission Creek: Thursday


I imagine most people who got their Mission Creek on last night are moving pretty slowly this morning. I know my brain seems to be on a dysfunctional autopilot after a late night of two great shows at Gabe’s and The Yacht Club, but I’ll happily forge ahead with Day three! […]

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Mission Creek: Kent Williams’ electronic music picks


I do listen to most every genre of music–dance music, rock, hip hop, country, classical and so on. I even have a soft spot for easy listening conductor arranger Hugo Winterhalter. But what I’m most interested in for my own listening are the many branches and leaves of electronic music’s tree. […]

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Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Mister Lies

Mister Lies

Columbia College student Nick Zanca, also known as mastermind producer Mister Lies, is scheduled to play a show at the Yacht Club on Thursday, April 4. He combines looping vocal lines with sweeping synth and sharp percussion and bass to create mesmerizing dance tracks. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 13-15

In this week’s Weekender, we bridge the gap between print and online journalism, say goodbye to a local band, encourage local political engagement and learn that you can say City three times while referring to City Hall. It’s as action packed as a teen soap! […]

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Ex-Action Model, The Binary Marketing Show, Dream Thieves, Chaircrusher @ Blue Moose 2011-08-04

It’s me, Kent Williams, your Little Village Arts & Entertainment Editor. When I’m not trying to come up with Le Mot Juste to describe local music CDs, I make music of my own under the regrettable moniker Chaircrusher. I got […]

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Little Village Live on KRUI | Mission Creek Edition 3/30/2011

In this eighth release in the Little Village Live podcast series, Ex-Action Model and Nathaniel Rateliff perform at Public Space One during the 2011 Mission Creek Festival. […]

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Show Photos: IHearIC – 3/8

IHearIC is lovely. In a nutshell, it’s an evening variety hour at the Englert highlighting local talent of all sorts. I was in attendance last week was charmed by the intimate setting – the audience sitting at candlelit bistro tables […]

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