Live Sets From Mission Creek: Mountains, Ex-Action-Model & More!

I should have posted this stuff the week of the festival, but as usual, real life intervened and interrupted my mission to do a realtime brain dump to the world via the Little Village Blog. At any rathe these performances represented my venue hopping for Wednesday, March 30th.

At Gabes, Dugout Canoe combined live electronics and skillful guitar playing to kick off the night.
[audio:|titles=Live @ Gabe’s|artists=Dugout Canoe]
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The incredibly engaging Binary Marketing Show from New York City played a set centered around Bethany Carder’s vulnerable and disarming voice.
[audio:|titles=Live @ Gabe’s|artists=BinaryMarketingShow]
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Ex Action Model (aka Brendan Hanks) turned in probably his strongest live set to date, performing his abstract, yet surprisingly tuneful electronic music. Strong brash synth melodies and sharp as nails beats, and some fluid live manipulation of his songs.
[audio:|titles=Live @ Gabe’s|artists=Ex Action Model]
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After a quick walk up the alley I caught part of Or the Whale‘s set. They make the kind of Country Music that you wish everyone made. Good luck finding them on KHAK.
[audio:|titles=Live @ The Yacht Club|artists=Or The Whale]
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Then a short ride down Gilbert to White Lightning Wherehouse to see Mountains play folk music of the oceanic noise drone variety.
[audio:|titles=Live @ The Yacht Club|artists=Mountains]
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