Iowa City Weekender: October 21-23


Phantogram w. Josiah Wolf | The Blue Moose Tap House | 6 p.m. | $12, all ages

Electronic/rock duo Phantogram is astounding. They’ve already gained notoriety in Iowa City for upstaging an Antlers headlining show at the Blue Moose Tap House. Now they return, as sure as ever, with their slick beats, lilting vocals, and sick guitar hooks to tear up Iowa City in their own right. […]

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LV 96: October 2010

The Future South of Burlington; p. 10 – 21, Take 2; p. 8 – Larry Baker Saves the Day; p. 12 – Perfect Season: Over. Now what?; p. 6 – Take a Joke, Iowa; p. 23 – New Diplomats: Still Solid; p. 32 – Max Weinberg Keeps Going; p. 22 – Art Scene; p. 18 – Lit Scene; p. 16 – Live Music; p. 28 – Movies; p. 26


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Local Natives with Suckers: The Mill, 5/18

This Tuesday night at the Mill, The Local Natives and Suckers, two bands on Frenchkiss Records, split the bill. LA’s Local Natives are touring in support of 2010’s Gorilla Manor, 12 upbeat indie gems bursting with incantatory vocal harmonies and propellant drums. Sonically, the band can look through both ends of binoculars: often, they’ll use […]

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Iowa City Weekender: 5/6-9

Greetings Weekenders! Those of you that enjoyed Cinco de Mayo festivities anoche are well aware that this weekend is already in full swing. Big thanks to The Sullivan Gang for stopping by Little Village Live and getting Wednesday night off to a great start. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO FROM THEIR PERFORMANCE Find more tunes […]

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Iowa City Weekender: March 11-13

Last week I stopped by the Summer Camp Battle of the Bands at the Yacht Club and was reminded that, every now and then, you just need to be in a sweaty basement full of smiling hippies on drugs.  High fives, hugs… they are good for the soul.  And funk music, predictable tho it may […]

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