Iowa City Weekender: October 28-31

Hello, subscribers and welcome to the Weekender. As you do not have to be reminded, this weekend is Halloween weekend. If the wind that blew through the city during the week is any indication, this coming weekend will be quite a humdinger. Get your costumes ready. You’ll probably need it a few times. Actually, save yourself the effort and come up with two. Now that you’re ready for the streets and a leisurely night of high intensity outdoor activity with your costume(s) and friends, let’s get you away from the computer and into the world.


Druha Trava | The Mill | 8 PM | $10 Adv/ $12 Day of Show, All Ages

If you are anything like me, you are used to weird sounds coming out of Eastern Europe such as surf rock played by Balkans. Druha Trava do not stray far away from this expectation. Rather than calling up the more modern sound of surf rock, the Czech band references bluegrass. Given their international background, the sound is not what we Americans expect of straight bluegrass. Instead, it is filtered through country and a little bit of the blues. They have a distinct sound which crosses a number of different genres while being a part of none of them. It’s always impressive to see a band reference a lot of different things while never being a part of any of them. You have the chance to see these fine musicians play in the intimate spaces of The Mill on Thursday. It promises to be a good show as well as a bright spot in an otherwise very Halloween-esque week.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Bijou Theater | 11 PM | Free for UI Students, $5, 18+

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the original Midnight Movie. Since its release in 1975, the movie has always been playing at some theater around the country or globe, which is a record in its own right. A send-up of science fiction and B-movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a Halloween tradition of its own. Featuring Tim Curry and a young Susan Sarandon, the story of the movie is honestly somewhat immaterial, so I won’t spend time talking about it. The strength comes from the songs in the movie and the audience participation. The song numbers are energetic and quite entertaining. There are a lot of very nice sets in this movie. Like other Midnight Movies such as Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, audience participation is what makes this movie so special. Throwing things at the screen, yelling out, singing along to the numbers, and, maybe, spontaneous dancing are all to be expected during the screening. This is the most fun part about seeing any Midnight Movie honestly. The high energy and general hilarity of The Rocky Horror Picture Show make this movie well worth admission. The added benefit of watching it with a lot of other people will make it that much better because, from personal experience, it’s just not as awesome to watch it by yourself or at home. General forewarning: if you’ve never seen this movie before, do not be surprised if there are a number of people in lingerie, especially if they are men.


All Hallow’s Eve | White Lightning Wherehouse | 9:00 PM | $5, All Ages

Saturday is the night before Halloween. The streets of downtown will be packed with slutty versions of rather respectable positions and dudes that are a) barely dressed, b) dressed like pimps, or c) dressed in the wackest way possible. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already gotten a slight bit of agita from thinking about that. You can avoid this by going to a friend’s party, but your dreams of having a scantily clad lady dancing in front of you will probably not be satisfied unless you want to watch your drunk friends dance on a coffee table. I can’t speak for you, but I know I don’t particularly want to see that. Avoid either of these realities and go down to the Wherehouse. Along with DJs spinning tracks and creepy movies playing all night, there will local band The Tanks, a mysterious band called Minor Threat, and four other bands playing on the night. If this weren’t all enough, there will also be burlesque performances from Iowa City’s own Dames as well as the Prude Bitch Burleskq Kollectiv. You get all of this for only 5 dollars. It’s a steal.


Halloween | Iowa City | Sunset | $20 or less, 18 and under

The ghouls will be all over the streets as All Hallow’s Eve rings its hollow bell of horror on Sunday. Be nice. Have fun. Stay safe. And, for all the pranksters, a question: would you want to wash eggs off of your house? Probably not. Don’t do it to someone else’s house. Don’t be an ass. Also, don’t shank any little kids.

Have a safe weekend and watch out for the zombies and vampires. They come out in super strength because they know that no one will know that they are truly zombies and vampires. Keep your stake on your hip and your pistol in your holster. Both may come in handy.

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