Dance: Interactive Flow

Dance incorporates a feature that other performing arts lack: athleticism. A dancer’s instrument is his or her body and, like professional athletes, there is a limited window of time in which dancers can perform at the highest level of the art. This adds to the emotional gravity of a dance performance. To be in the room when a gifted dancer performs is to bear witness to a concrete manifestation of Hericlitus’ idea that everything flows, nothing stands still. It is also intensely personal; there’s no dry paint on the canvas, no sound of instruments, there’s just the dancer’s self-expression written in pure physicality.

This month, Public Space One will be hosting events and exhibits as part of the third annual Works-in-Progress Festival. Unlike most exhibitions, at WiP it is the feedback that is on display, as local and visiting artists present unfinished works, seeking inspiration and unforeseen collaborations with guests. In this spirit, one of the festival’s more intriguing events will feature a live, largely improvised collaboration between local experimental music duo Lwa and UI Dance graduate students Analía Alegre-Femenías and Elizabeth June Bergman. The performance involves the two dancers performing in shallow pools of water accompanied by, and interacting with, the music of Lwa. […]

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Album Review – Rahlan Kay: Now You Know

Rahlan Kay is the new hip-hop handle for Rowland Gibson, who has in the past been known as Genuyne, DNA and Testfyi. Rowland is a producer and MC from Cedar Rapids who has been a regular in the Iowa hip-hop scene for over ten years. He’s nothing if not persistent. There’s more than a few sketchy MCs around who are legends in their own minds, but Rowland’s different–he’s church folk, a family man and dead serious about his craft. […]

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Album Review – P-Tek: Oh! What a Miracle

P-Tek (Adam Protextor) makes me feel old, since he’s a friend of my son, Sean. You might know Adam from his involvement with the Resist Evil horror movie, which starred another Iowa City hip-hop head, Coolzey. Adam’s verbal gymnastics and bent sense of humor, in full effect on Oh! What A Miracle! owes a debt to Coolzey and his Sucker MCs posse, but he’s cinematically deranged in his own special way. […]

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Album Review – The Wheelers: Bubix

The Wheelers are a pan-Iowan band with members scattered between Iowa City and Ames. Other joint efforts between these two cities often result in heavy drinking, name calling and injuries and, while I can’t confirm that The Wheelers encounter a similar fate when they get together, the teetering energy here is very much the same. […]

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Album Review – Acoustic Guillotine: Self-Titled

Billy Mac and Pete R are veteran Iowa City musicians, going back to the 1980s punk/hardcore heyday. Though this self-titled album is more metal than anything else, I have to plead ignorance as to which metal sub-genre Acoustic Guillotine pledges their allegiance to. Their bass-and-guitar-duo sound lacks metal’s trademark guitar heroics, but they’re too energetic and obtuse to be stoner rock. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 13-15

In this week’s Weekender, we bridge the gap between print and online journalism, say goodbye to a local band, encourage local political engagement and learn that you can say City three times while referring to City Hall. It’s as action packed as a teen soap! […]

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