Jaime Hernandez reflects on 38 years of his influential ‘Love & Rockets’ comics series

Los Bros Hernandez — Jaime, Gilbert and Mario — self-published the first issue of Love and Rockets in 1981. Since then, they (primarily Jaime and Gilbert) have created a substantial body of work. So substantial, in fact, that it can be intimidating to new readers. But don’t ask Jaime Hernandez where to start. “I throw […]

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Five questions with: Phil Hester

This Saturday, May 5, millions of comic books will fall into the hands of eager fans at the 16th annual Free Comic Book Day. Joining the fun in-store at Daydream Comics for Free Comic Book Day is artist, writer, University of Iowa alum and Iowa native Phil Hester. He’s been supporting Daydreams for years, since he was a student at UI.


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Ms. Marvel author G. Willow Wilson discusses faith, gender and the comics industry

Muslim-American writer G. Willow Wilson will give a free lecture at Hancher Auditorium on Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. titled A Superhero for Generation Why. The lecture is a part of Hancher’s Embracing Complexity series, which focuses on Muslim art and Islamic artists like Wilson, and also kicks off the Iowa City Book Festival. […]

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Comics: Exploration trumps explanation in ‘Sex Criminals, Vol. 2’

Sex Criminals is an enigmatic book. Flipping through the past eight issues, you can find a penis in a top hat, group sex, cum angels, a close-up of a dilated cervix, a self-defined “weird sex ghost,” tentacle porn and dildo fights. The cover of issue twelve boasts that Sex Criminals is occasionally banned on iTunes […]

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Comics: In ‘Wytches’ the monsters are scarier than men

Writer Scott Snyder and illustrator Jock have teamed up for the first time since their 2013 hit Batman: The Black Mirror to invite readers into the dark pages of Wytches, an American comic series with its own take on the mysterious, typically feminine figure known as the “witch.” Published by Image Comics in 2014, this […]

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