Stars Over Iowa City: March 2010

For Everyone ~ Increasing momentum. We all know things are changing. So far, the changes have been comparatively slow to take effect. We have been able to keep track and adjust smoothly, more or less. As of now, the pace of change will increase. We’ll have to change more things more quickly. A lot of it will be out of our hands. In many cases, our personal life will just have to give way. Old relationships could become more intense as we, and those close to us, make adjustments, and allowances for each other. New relationships, including romantic relationships, could easily start up. However, all new relationships – personal, professional and/or romantic – could quickly become complicated and demanding, competing with old relationships for our time and attention. We will have to make choices. Events could take on a bittersweet tone.


ARIES ~ Decision. You know what’s at stake. Things must change, and soon. Your input is pivotal and in many cases, your decision will be final. You have to move very carefully to avoiding stepping on toes. You are bound to surprise and upset someone, though. Many, maybe even some of your closest friends and allies, are still not ready for this. You have to go ahead anyway. But there is enough flexibility in your relationships. They will weather this change. Some bitterness could linger, but everyone will eventually adjust, forgive and forget.

TAURUS ~ Between the raindrops. You sense the strain and worry as others fight to protect what is important to them during this difficult transition. Things could get emotional. You’ll need to keep things moving forward, even though you know people are upset and worried. With a little effort, you can also keep your own plans on track. Your personal focus, though, will be on healing. In the past, some things in your life cost you more than you could afford to pay, emotionally and otherwise. You’ll want to change those things.

GEMINI ~ Hot-spot. If you were expecting to sit out the latest round of controversies, think again. You’ll find yourself in the middle of it all, somehow. Whatever the issue at a given moment, tread lightly around your boss. He or she is dealing intensely with the same issues and might take what you say the wrong way. Diplomatic evasions might be your best option. Despite the tensions, or because of them, there could be the occasional romantic overtone, or undertone. If you let a flirtation turn into something serious, be prepared for complexities.

CANCER ~ Realism. Financially, you’ll have a surprising amount of room to maneuver, despite the economic challenges faced by key associates. Your economic initiatives will bear immediate fruit and enhance long-term prospects. However, you must be patient with employers, partners and other influential figures who are struggling mightily with tough issues that affect everyone, including you. There’s also a lot of garden variety confusion over what is to be done. A disciplined, patient approach is best. Efforts to resolve financial problems could stimulate romantic involvements and/or add complexity to existing relationships.

LEO ~ Charisma. You have an almost uncanny ability to make progress where others find obstacles and get answers when others are stymied. And while worry and struggle wear others down, the stuff going on just seems to enhance your personal appeal. Your seemingly magical ability to cope in these tough times adds to your charisma. That could easily attract romantic overtures. But new romantic ties could bring unforeseen responsibilities that you might find overwhelming. Try to remain romantically detached. Help others tap the power of new ideas in addressing their challenges.

VIRGO ~ End run. Avenues that seem blocked early in March will begin to open up by the end of the month. Progress could still be slow, however, and discussions lengthy. Your bargaining position is not as strong as you might hope and conditions on the ground are very complex. Fortunately, certain powerful figures are sympathetic to your cause and seem willing to lend a hand, although you might need to work through intermediaries. This will allow you to stay in the running while the really big issues get sorted out. Slowly.

LIBRA ~ The generosity of others. You don’t have much room to maneuver. Others do, but there’s a lot of confusion about which way to go – and a lot of the so-called options are unrealistic. You can benefit others, and increase their generosity toward you, by helping them sort through the possibilities in a realistic way. In the process, you can further your own goals and perhaps increase your income. In the immediate future, your well-being will depend increasingly on cooperation with others. Conditions on the job will continue to improve.

SCORPIO ~ The big picture. You have a broad understanding of events. You have friends on all sides of the issues. To win, you need everyone to come out ahead. You have to keep working at it until everybody feels the same way, and you have just enough influence to make that happen. Benevolent planetary influences are affecting your social life generally and your relations with youngsters in particular. Financial pressures will ease, too. A personal interest in unusual phenomena or unconventional ideas will soon attract the interest and support of others.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Outreach. Tighter finances are leading to changed expectations. Family, friends and community are also being affected. It will take extensive and repeated discussions to get to the bottom of all this. Participation in social events will help everyone manage needed changes. Renew and strengthen vital personal ties with family, friends and neighbors. Personal alliances will help you make the adjustments required by new circumstances. Your mind is becoming a fertile source of new and sometimes unconventional ideas. A new romantic attachment is possible. It would dramatically expand your personal horizons.

CAPRICORN ~ New foundations. This is just the beginning of a long cycle of change in many areas of your life, personal and professional. The powers that be are laying the groundwork for a whole new way of doing things. They are changing the basic rules of the game and that is always a slow, painstaking process with lots of unintended consequences. New, unconventional and innovative ideas will soon become the norm. It could put a strain on important relationships. You’ll need to be especially careful to keep family, friends and other loved ones updated.

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AQUARIUS ~ Breakout. Aquarians are preparing for a big transition. Slow and gradual, at first, it will eventually pick up speed. It will get fully under way during the next year or so. For many years, now, privacy, often deep solitude, has been your preference. That is ending. You will re-emerge into the life of your community as a source of new ideas and an active agent for change. You can expect abundant support during this dramatic shift. In fact, it corresponds with a new cycle of personal growth, professional expansion and prosperity.

PISCES ~ Due date. You’ve enjoyed a great deal of freedom and independence in recent years. For the most part, everyone in your life has gone along, or let you go your own way. However, during that time, you’ve quietly incurred some obligations. It will soon be time to start fulfilling those obligations. The rapidly changing world around you is about to start making demands that you must meet, too. Socially, as well as romantically, possibilities are also emerging. There must be room for your your new responsibilities in any new relationships.